Web Design with HTML & CSS

Web Design with HTML & CSS, Build a Web Form with HTML5 and CSS.

Full HTML5 and CSS Course For Beginners to learn the basics of Web Design and start coding in just 2 mins! No need for downloading IDE’s, installing IDE’s or setting up them, just straight jump into programming in HTML with this course!

A perfect course for beginners to start Web Design with HTML and CSS, where you’ll learn about basics of HTML like how to define the basic structure of website with your own content like headings, paragraphs, images, etc. Whether you’re a complete beginner or never programmed before it’s open for everyone. You’ll learn about different html elements like

  • links
  • buttons
  • comments
  • blockquotes
  • bulleted lists
  • numbered lists
  • input fields
  • forms
  • dropdown menus

Then you’ll learn about CSS like the followings

  • How to use a CSS file in a HTML file
  • How to stylize the color of HTML elements with CSS
  • How to add margins and paddings to HTML elements with CSS
  • Create a simple button animations with CSS

After learning the HTML and CSS basics we will create a Webpage form to register users. It will be fun exercise after practicing HTML and CSS programming.

This course only focuses on web design not web development, so no JavaScript is discussed throughout the course. This course is meant for beginners with no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS programming, so they can start programming with them.

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