User Experience (UX) Fundamentals

User Experience (UX) Fundamentals, Learn the fundamentals of UX (user experience) design and process.

Learn the fundamentals of UX (user experience) design and process.

If you design a product that people interact with, then you are designing a user experience. If you want your product to be easy to use, engaging, what people expect, and meet the goals of the organization, then you want to make sure you design an optimal user experience. In this course you will learn the basic principles, processes of good user experience, and what a user experience professional should know and be able to do.

Examples of what is in the course:

  1. What is user experience?
  2. What makes a user experience good?
  3. Principles of a great user experience
  4. UX Roles
  5. The skills and knowledge that a user experience professional needs
  6. The obstacles to great user experience design and how to overcome them

and much, much more!

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