The Mindvana Lite Hypnosis Method


The Mindvana Lite Hypnosis Method, Hypnotize complete strangers like a pro on your very first attempt while making them feel incredible from head to toe.

You’re about to learn a new hypnosis system that’s so quick and easy, you’ll be able to DROP ANYONE INTO A DEEP TRANCE and make them feel ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, just by reading off a script on your phone!

With “MINDVANA LITE” you can..

  • Drop ANYONE into a deep trance (without them realizing it) just by reading off a word-for-word script that turns you into a LEGIT HYPNOTIST after only one short lesson
  • Instantly elicit POWERFULLY ADDICTIVE FEELINGS AND SENSATIONS that make your subjects crave to be hypnotized OVER and OVER again
  • Set up TRIGGER PHRASES so you can drop them right back into trance and bring back the addictive feelings whenever you want
  • Confidently produce hypnotic effects like EYE-LOCK and ARM LEVITATION without ever having to worry about failing or looking foolish
  • Enjoy an incredible 90% SUCCESS RATE even if you’re a total beginner

This course is designed for a total beginner but even experienced hypnotists can use it since the induction is fast and powerful, and works fantastically well even on subjects who are a little “nervous” about being hypnotized for the first time. This may just become your new favorite induction method.

The best part is, you’re about to learn this powerful new method completely free of charge. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I’m giving it away – it works like gangbusters and your subjects will love it.

The Mindvana Lite Hypnosis Method
The Mindvana Lite Hypnosis Method
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