The Atlantean Divine Alchemist Part 3 – Dolphin Energy

The Atlantean Divine Alchemist Part 3 – Dolphin Energy, A guide to performing a Simple Distant Dolphin healing.

This is Part 3 of the Atlantean Divine Alchemy course.

This is a series of six sessions, moving through the multidimensional realms of Atlantis and Lemuria.  In these sessions I share my knowledge, I hold a sacred space for your own soul to return its natural abilities and gifts to you.

In this short course, we delve into the realm of the Altantean Dolphins.

The multidimensional dolphins are waiting for you to work with them today.  Dolphins are a very high dimensional etheric light worker that can work with you to provide healing for another.  This healing is so gentle, its works really well for people struggling with anxiety.  Come and feel it for yourself.

You will receive your very own healing session with the dolphins. You can replay as often as you need to, if you are struggling at the moment. You will see the wall of mirrors I use, in this session.  You maybe able to see what you were wearing in Atlantis, when you were the healer.

We will attune and feel the crystal Larimar.  You do not need to bring to the session, as we will work with the etheric crystal.

We will soul journey together again in this Part 3 of the Atlantean Divine Alchemy course. Exploring more dimensional energies.  You can incorporate these into your own healings, or just enjoy for your owns soul growth.

My courses, are for soul workers, who wish to accelerate their spiritual gifts, and I cant wait to be your guide for this session

Carly x

* I highly recomend keeping a journal of what comes up for you in my sessions.

About me:

I am Carly and I have a wealth of knowledge of spiritual healing. Certified and accredited in many modalities, from Atlantean, Angelic Reiki, Reiki, Sekhem Reiki, Crystals, and more.  Recognised Spiritual Healer and Medium of HPAI. A teacher in Unicorns of Diana Coopers School of White Light.

I was taken ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in 2012, when I was severely bed bound.  I recovered using NLP mind techniques, and spiritual healing.  I come forward to share to others from my experiences, in hope it may help another.

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