SAP for Business Users – A Course For Beginners

SAP for Business Users – A Course For Beginners, Learn SAP step by step!

An initial course designed for potential business users/ key users/ consultants who want to understand the entire SAP system and structure easily.

Our proposal is that you understand each part of the system in a very clear way so that you can speak and work with SAP with confidence.

During our journey, you will learn from the beginning and understand how SAP works, what is master data, how an SAP project works, and also, as a bonus, how does the SAP Career works (Consultant, Business User, Key User, etc.).

This course is for you IF YOU WANT:

  • to learn how the best ERP software in the world;
  • to understand in detail how an SAP project is;
  • to take the next step in your career;
  • to learn from someone who is working in this market for more than 10 years and had experienced everything that is presented;
  • to start in this area in the correct way;
  • to prepare yourself and be one of the top professionals in your area;
  • be a highly qualified professional.

This course is for any person or professional who really wants to learn and take the next step in your career.

In the end, you will feel confident to use SAP and enjoy this incredible world.

“When I started in SAP, 11 years ago, I had so many difficulties that I wanted to create this training to avoid that another professionals have to go through the same problems I had to face. It was really time and energy-consuming and, with this training, I am sure, you will have a much better journey in this incredible world. – Bruno César”.

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