Sales Force DEV-501 Certify Developer Advanced Practice Exam

Sales Force DEV-501 Certify Developer Advanced Practice Exam, Attend this Sales Force DEV-501 Certify Developer Advanced Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions:

__________ creates visual force pages they can view or act on a series of records.

A standard controller

A List Controller Standard

An apex Record Set Type a custom list doc

Class of an apex

None of the above

A ____________ it is a class written in Apex that implements all of the logic of a page, without taking advantage of a standard controller.

controller Extension

validation Extension

Visual Component force

Visual Plug-in power

custom controller

None of the above

Like other Apex classes, custom controllers are performed entirely in ____________, where the object permissions and the current user level field are ignored.

user Mode system Mode

OWD mode

Con-Sharing mode

Anonymous mode

None of the above

If you use a standard controller on one page and the user has no access to the object, the page will be …


Write a ACCESS_VIOLATION message to the debug log.

Display an error message insufficient privileges.

Redirect the user to their home page

Ask the user if they want to update permissions to view the object. .

None of the above

Using the keyword ____________ in a class definition, a developer can create a custom controller or controller extension that respects OWD, role hierarchy, and sharing rules.

with permits

with default settings

with security

by sharing with roles

None of these

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