Procreate 5X – All New Features (on the iPad)

Procreate 5X – All New Features (on the iPad), Procreate 5X on the iPad new features explained – stay up-to-date with the new version of this great digital art app.

At the end of September 2020, Procreate released a new version called Procreate 5X with a bunch of new features on the iPad. I’d like to make sure you are up-to-date with this digital drawing and painting app because it has some very exciting new features.

Some of them will make your art creation process easier, and some of them bring new amazing possibilities.

List of features discussed

  • Text scribble – You can use handwriting to enter text in Procreate from now
  • Private Layer – Layers set to private will be hidden in the time-lapse video
  • Reference Companion – Handling your reference images will be much easier from now on
  • Instant Palette & SwatchDrop – Create your color palette from reference images instantly
  • Color Fill With Selection Tool – Fill your shapes with color on the go
  • Transform Bounding Box Adjust & Snapping – Transforming selection has become easier and more sophisticated
  • Blur Brushes – New possibilities for digital painting
  • QuickMenu Profiles – You can create multiple QuickMenu groups for sketching, drawing, or painting
  • New Copy & Paste popup menu – A better experience of  clipboard functions
  • New Adjustments & Pencil Filters (Gradient Map, Bloom, Glitch, Halftone, Chromatic Aberration) – New amazing features for digital artwork adjustments
  • Procreate Widget – A quicker access to Procreate on your iPad’s home screen
  • Transparent Background Animation – Create transparent animated GIFs for this new function
  • FacePaint – Have some fun and share your artistic videos with your friends

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