PowerPoint efficiency and productivity

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PowerPoint efficiency and productivity, PowerPoint efficiency and productivity.

In this course you will learn everything that will enable you to work more efficient in PowerPoint.
With the tips and tricks of this course you will be able to create a presentation in a fraction of the time you need today.
This will significantly boost your productivity and allow you to achieve more or simply just have more time for all the other nice things in life (besides PowerPoint).
I’ve worked with PowerPoint for more than 10 years and have densed down everything I learned into this course.
Here is an glimpse on the topics that I will be teaching you:

  1. How to set up your slide master efficiently
  2. How to set up your Quick Access Toolbar
  3. How to work efficiently on a slide level
  4. How to work efficiently with text
  5. How to work efficiently with shapes and pictures
  6. How to efficiently animate your slides
  7. How to embed Add-Ins into PowerPoint
  8. How to include Macros into PowerPoint
  9. How to share presentations efficiently
  10. How to navigate efficiently through your presentation while presenting

and much more…
You can also have  a look into my preview lessons to get a glimpse of the course.
So I hope to see you in my course.
Let’s make the our work in PowerPoint more efficient and dramatically increase our productivity.

PowerPoint efficiency and productivity
PowerPoint efficiency and productivity
Free $129.99
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