Polyphasic sleep-Completely recovered after 2 hours of sleep

Polyphasic sleep-Completely recovered after 2 hours of sleep, Learn about the different phases of sleep and how to use only REM sleep for you.

What would you actually do with 22 hours a day?

We are used to sleeping 8 hours or maybe 7 or 9 hours. But what happens if you sleep only 2 hours?

Yes, you can only sleep 2 hours a day and still feel more energized when you wake up.

That sounds weird? – Definitely, it is! But that’s the truth.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Edison and Tesla worked with this technique in order to have more time and more energy.

In this course you will have the opportunity to choose the right sleep cycle for your everyday life, which will bring you more time, more vitality and more consciousness.

Additionally to that we are going to show you how you can bring yourself into harmony mentally and spiritually through these different sleep patterns. Your thoughts won’t longer flow in different directions, you will become the ruler of them.

For those people who have sleeping problems, we will take a look how we can fall asleep easily.

If there is more time for ourselves and our loved ones in a natural way, then we should use that, shouldn’t we?

Attention: There are no long term studies on these techniques. There are numerous testimonials in various sources. But we can’t give a scientifically based guarantee at this point. Listen to your body and do only what feels right for you. We aren’t responsible for the content of the course.

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