PMI-ACP Practice four Exams 2020-2021

PMI-ACP Practice four Exams 2020-2021, Prepare you to pass the PMI-ACP Exam 2020-2021.

Use this practice exam course to prepare to pass the PMI-ACP exam. You’ll be challenged with 240 questions. These questions have been written to emulate the PMI-ACP exam and are based on the PMI-ACP exam objectives as provided by PMI.

In this course you’ll have five exams mock:

PMP Exam One: 60 question across all exam domains (90 minutes)

PMP Exam Two: 60 question across all exam domains (90 minutes)

PMP Exam Three: 60 questions across all exam domains (90 minutes)

PMP Exam Four: 60 questions across all exam domains (90 minutes)

The course covers the 7 PMI-ACP domains :

  • Domain 1: Agile Principles and Mindset
  • Domain 2: Value-Driven Delivery
  • Domain 3: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Domain 4: Team Performance
  • Domain 5: Adaptive Planning
  • Domain 6: Problem Detection and Resolution
  • Domain 7: Continuous Improvement


You can pause the test at any time and resume later.

You can retake the test as many times as you would like.

The progress bar at the top of the screen will show your progress as well as the time remaining in the test. If you run out of time, don’t worry; you will still be able to finish the test.

You can skip a question to come back to at the end of the exam.

You can also use “Mark for Review” to come back to questions you are unsure about before you submit your test.

If you want to finish the test and see your results immediately, press the stop button.

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