Planning Center Made Easy

Planning Center Made Easy, Learn Planning Center in 10 Days or Less.

Our church wanted to use Planning Center, but we had no clue where to get started. And because of this Planning Center would sit on the shelf for longer… it’s potential for my ministry would go untapped. Sound familiar?

At the time, there was no easy way to learn Planning Center. You had to read support articles, search endlessly for tutorials, and kind of just try to figure it out… and hope for the best. It’s exhausting, right?

That got me thinking, “What if there was an easier way to learn Planning Center? What I created a way for ministry leaders to cut through the confusion and frustration and make the most of this tool?”

I dove all-in learning Planning Center and the results were huge for my ministry: it ended up saving me hours of time every week.

That’s when I launched a consulting company to help churches move their data to Planning Center… but I was reminded again that the biggest roadblock to using Planning Center is training. You need an easy way to learn how to make use of this powerful tool.

And that is what Planning Center Made Easy is, it’s a step-by-step course made up of bite-sized videos that are easy to follow along with. In this course, I walk you through the basics and then help you make the most of this tool by sharing practical examples and best practices that ministry leaders are finding success with.

Whether you are new to Planning Center or you’ve been using it for years, this course will help you become confident with this tool and save hours of time every week.

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