Master Class of Ear Candling


Master Class of Ear Candling, Holistic Wellness, Natural Remedies for home.

Master of Ear Candling is excellent way to:

  • Improve hearing
  • Easy way to remove Ear wax in deep cannel
  • Most gentle, effective, relaxing and safe
  • Release your blockage sinus cavity
  • Healing the congestion from cold- flu
  • Allergies
  • Swimmer or water in ear
  • Headache, sinus
  • Balancing pressure ear, vertigo

What is Ear candling unique is non chemist, all natural material plus essential oils that add to ingredients

This course had easy step by step demonstrated from beginning, who is never know about the Ear Candling, effective on the alternative way to cure and manage health at your own home through the professional practice

You will get the most of :

  • What is Ear Candling
  • Where is from
  • Who is benefit
  • When you willing to perform the treatment
  • Set up tools and position
  • Safety practice

What you’ll learn

  • How to perform a Ear wax remove by use that Candle that made in Natural tool to treatment met condition, immediately effective to Him/ herself, other or clients

Are any requirement or Prerequisites

Ear Candling is beginning of all unique level

Who this course is for :

  • learn about who can be treatment and who is might not to be giving a treatment
  • Anyone that had trouble on ear pressure / unbalance ear
  • Archived your professional practitioner of Natural Path

Additional : If you are like the magical as I am from the past to these day Mystical story, History of become ear,  articles of Ears, experiencing of past practitioner including gaining your confident of practice

Master Class of Ear Candling
Master Class of Ear Candling
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