Making Future Proof Plans

Making Future Proof Plans, Scenario Analysis & Robust Planning.

Hi guys, Joshua Sutherland here and welcome to this course on Scenario Analysis & Robust Planning

In this course I will teach you to Make Future Proof Plans so you can:

  • Have a process to handle this deluge of new information and make sense of it
  • Be adaptable to however the world changes

I have applied this method in with companies and individuals from Japan to Great Britain with fantastic results, and personally this is one of my favourite approaches to get a handle on the uncertainty when I am trying to make a high consequence decision.

I am very excited to share the approach with you and aid you in your own business or personal development and really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

This course is for people and organizations who:

  • Are concerned about the future and how it affects their business and life:
  • Want to make the best out of new opportunities
  • Want to mitigate the downsides

Learning outcomes of the course:

  1. Ability to make plans no matter what the future holds (predict, evaluate & mitigate)
  2. Understand that we cannot predict the future precisely but it is still worth thinking about (generate multiple plausible futures)
  3. Update your plans as new information comes in

Good luck to you all!

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