Learn Practical Exports Marketing Skills

Learn Practical Exports Marketing Skills, Learn practical exports marketing strategy, market research, tips and tech to export your goods & rare exporting skills.

Exports marketing is a specialized field of international marketing strategy, which have always encompassed its glamour and action packed lifestyle for the exporting community from since time immemorial. However the field has never been given the kind of attention which is deserves in the training and academics to provide skills sharing courses and modules. One reason for this neglect is the fact that export marketing concepts can not be generalized like many other fields of marketing and can only be learnt through experience. This course is an innovative effort by Dr. Vijesh Jain, who spent 30 years in exporting field and tried to bring certain experiential learning for the first time as n attempt to make it possible for new entrant to export marketing to shine and conquer the world of global business. With lot of conviction, and equipped with hard to find sharing of experiences of knowledge and wisdom by Dr. Vijesh Jain and other invited international guest speakers, the course is one of its kind anywhere in the world.

The course boasts of some of the rare account of experiences, stories and incidents as narrated by the most successful exporters and international traders. Many of the observations of these talented exports marketing strategy professionals are hard to explain using the theoretical concepts which are typically found in text books or non fiction novels. The only way to derive the useful lessons form these experiences is to visit the stories narrated by these wonderful story tellers. These are the real stories of the successful exporters.

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