Laptop Hardware Essentials

Laptop Hardware Essentials, Computer Hardware Essentials to help you select the Most Economical Laptop or Computer for your Home or Business.

Although YouTube is flooded with Gadget and Laptop review videos, most of them are restricted to a particular device or at most comparisons. But none focus on empowering YOU with the essential knowledge of basic IT hardware.

Ever wondered

– Why your NON Flashy Office issued laptop is a Work Horse!

– While your Flashy Higher Config Laptop struggles with browser tabs!

– Or the IT Whiz Kids get paid too much for making Spending Decisions!

– Why your work Laptops look too boring and your colleague got a different one!

So we prepared this course to explain you the significance of each Hardware component along with other functional elements, which are often secrets to an average consumer. This course will cover some basic aspects considered by enterprise IT professionals while selecting Laptops.

You will learn about the functionalities of each hardware component along with the interpretation of specification, to select the right specification for your usage. You will also understand the key secret aspects that will enable you to get the best utility against each dollar spent to make the most economical choice.

Understand the Primary Hardware Components

– Processor (CPU)

– Memory (RAM)

– Storage (Hard Drive)

– Graphics (GPU)

Know the Key Secret Aspects

– Built Quality

– Business / Commercial Laptops

– Life Cycle Cost (Economical Decision Making)

– BONUS: Valuable Money Lesson (Utility Consumption)

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