Excel – Data Analysis for Business


Excel – Data Analysis for Business, Unlock your BI Mind.

Do you deal with data at work? Do you aspire to be a Data or Business Analyst? Then this course can help you. This course will cover not only the technical skills to improve your analysis in Excel, but also insights and examples based on real world scenarios that will help unlock your hidden BI Mind.

First, we will look at principles of Data management, cleaning, preparation as well as the mindset and work process that will allow you make an impact in your job. Using these skills, you will be able to effectively manage large data sets in Excel.

After this, we will slowly build up technical skills. We will begin by learning how to link data sets from various sources, for example, internal and external to your place of work, a vital part of your analysis toolbox.

Then we will build up abilities in dealing with conditional scenarios, layering techniques upon each other to tackle any problem.

Finally, we will use all the skills learned to tackle a challenge question derived from the real world.

After completing this course, you will both be ready to tackle more challenging problems at your own work and have a good foundation to build upon for any future up-skilling.

Excel – Data Analysis for Business
Excel – Data Analysis for Business
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