Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Exams NEW 2021

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Practice Exams NEW 2021, Most Comprehensive Questions to pass the DCA Exam in First Attempt.

Welcome to our lesson consisting of exams built by our experts especially for you and to help you succeed in the first attempt, made to simulate the same experience as a real exam, which will help you overcome the fear and excel in the preparation and gain the confidence needed for success. We will help you in all stages of preparation and you can contact us whenever you need, and we will be happy to help you as much as possible. Our motto is your satisfaction and to help you succeed to the next step.

Information about the exam :

Why Get a Docker Certification?

With a rising pattern of organizations adopting Cloud services, Docker continues to gain popularity. At its core, Docker aids in containerization, that is, for the packaging of applications into modules that can easily be replicated and scaled independently. Unarguably, as more applications are moving to the cloud, being an expert in Docker makes you a hot-skilled candidate in the modern IT world.

Certification Format

The Docker Certified Associate Exam is of one and a half hours and consists of 55 questions, including 44 Discrete Option Multiple-Choice (DOMC) and 11 Multiple-Choice (MCQ) questions. In DOMC, options are randomly shown at a time for the examinee to choose a YES or a NO. On the other hand, in a MCQ question there are multiple correct answers, all of which the examinee has to select discreetly. This exam is proctored by Examity, and you can register by clicking this link. While there are no prerequisites, it is recommended that you should have used Docker for 6-12 months to be fully prepared for the exam. The exam fee is $195 and there are no free retakes if you flunk. You may however reschedule the exam prior to taking the test, so don’t feel pressured to take the exam unless you are completely ready.

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