Cognitive Biases and Critical Thinking

Cognitive Biases and Critical Thinking, Covering the usual fallacies, biases and problems in thinking and behavior while selling and persuading.

In this course, we will cover the usual cognitive biases, fallacies, and other errors and distortions in human behavior and thinking, and their applications in the context of persuading and selling to others.

These can be caused by external triggers, skewed perceptions, other people, and/or many other triggers. Although it’s not always easy to simply “fix” these biases, a thorough understanding of them is the first step to changing perception and behavior.

You will learn about both frequent and unknown/obscure biases including:
– Loss aversion;
– Time discounting and baseline discounting;
– Perceived depth and effort manipulation;
– Anchoring, framing and context manipulation;

… As well as many others!

The course is presented in a reference guide format. In short, lessons are not sequential or dependent. You can take any specific section and watch it, and the contents will be encapsulated. But naturally, for someone watching the whole course in one go, things will be sequential and ordered.

If this seems the course for you, let’s begin!

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