CCNA EIGRP troubleshooting


CCNA EIGRP troubleshooting, You still want to know the basics of EIGRP for the CCNA 200-301 exam.

EIGRP is no longer part of the Cisco CCNA blueprint. However, you do need to understand some of the basics for the CCNA exam and for the real world. How would you know for example if an EIGRP or OSPF route would be selected?

In this course you will review multiple EIGRP troubleshooting scenarios and learn how to fix EIGRP routing issues.

You will need to troubleshoot EIGRP neighbor relationships, administrative distances and physical issues.

It is important that you know how to troubleshoot EIGRP issues in preparation for your CCNA 200-301 exam.

CCNA EIGRP troubleshooting
CCNA EIGRP troubleshooting
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