Arabic Language: The most comprehensive Arabic course 2021

Arabic Language: The most comprehensive Arabic course 2021, Master Reading, Writing and Speaking Arabic| Eliminate your Arabic accent by an Arabic teacher (20+ years experience).

Marhaba (Hello and welcome)!

My name is Nezha, I am a certified and professional Arabic teacher with 20+ years experience.

Welcome to Arabic 4 U where you can learn Arabic correctly!

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬New updated Arabic course:

I just updated and made this Arabic course the most comprehensive and organized Arabic course here for you to learn Arabic.

Before enrolling in an Arabic course, please look at:

1- How organized the Arabic course is

The sections are organized in a way that will help yo learn Arabic gradually and not get lost.

If you already know how to read and write Arabic, you can go straight to section 3 lesson 150 to start learning how to speak Arabic.

2- How it is presented:

Using color coding helps your brain remember what you learn. I don’t just use colors. I use them to emphasize what you need to remember.

3- How much content you are getting: 15+ topics

I will be adding more topics.

4- The rating: The highest rated Comprehensive Arabic course

5-  If the Arabic teacher is available to answer your questions: I will answer all your Arabic questions

6- I am a certified and professional Arabic teacher with 20+ years experience – not just someone who speaks Arabic. I know what will help you learn Arabic and which Arabic version you should learn.

Please do Not take in consideration the number of students as this is a NEW Arabic course.


Before I tell you about this Arabic course, see what this student said about it:

“A Perfect Course for Beginner. This course is well-structured and well-delivered. First, Nezha (The teacher) went through how each letter is written and pronounced (in Modern Standard Arabic). I like how she also explained how some dialects pronounced some letters differently from the MSA. Then, she taught some simple everyday phrases (and sentence patterns), which is more useful for beginners rather than going straight to grammars and vocabulary, so the students who knew nothing at all about Arabic (like me) can have a basic idea on how the language work (kinda). The color coding on each slide is GENIUS. It helps students to understand what each word means on each phrase without relying on a lengthy dictionary-like table format.”


I used my 20+ years of experience teaching and tutoring Arabic to create this Complete Arabic course to help you learn Arabic and go from zero to hero in reading, writing, and speaking Arabic.

This Complete and unique Arabic course will help you hit 8 birds with 1 stone. After finishing this course you will be able to:

1- Speak Arabic Confidently, easily and quickly with Arabic speakers from around the world about 15+ topics

2- Master reading Arabic correctly just like native Arabic speakers

3- Master Writing Arabic correctly

4- Make sentences on your own in Arabic

5- Eliminate or reduce your bad Arabic accent so Arabic speakers can understand you easily

6- Know the road map that helps you speak Arabic fast and correctly

7- Learn Arabic Grammar and Arabic conjugation

8- Understand different Arabic accents


– I will be adding more Arabic videos and Arabic material to the course as you progress. This Arabic course is very organized so you can choose the Arabic topic you would like to learn.

– I am here to help you. I am and will be available to:

  • Answer any questions you may have about Formal Arabic, any Spoken Arabic dialect and any Arabic cultural aspect
  • Add material and videos about any topic you may request


1- Speak Arabic Confidently, easily and quickly with Arabic speakers from around the world about 15+ topics

I will be adding more videos every week. Suggest a topic and I will make a video for you.

I will also be answering all your questions and sharing Arabic lessons I cover with my private students with you.

By getting this course, you will have my support every day.

2- Read Arabic correctly just like native Arabic speakers

This complete Arabic course will teach you every thing you need so you can read Arabic easily and quickly.

Most courses teach you the alphabet and vowels only. There is more than that for you to be able to read Arabic.

You need to know

  • The Arabic special characters
  •  On which syllable you should put the stress.

    This is the only Arabic course that teaches you that. I created a unique formula to help you read Arabic correctly.

  • The sounds of the Arabic letters, vowels, and special characters in both formal Arabic and in spoken Arabic
  • How the letters connect
  • The letters that do not connect
  • The unusual long vowels
  • When some vowels are dropped
  • When some letters’ sounds change or become silent

    and much more

3- Master Writing Arabic correctly

I will show you how to write Arabic step by step and in details.

4- Make sentences on your own in Arabic:

I will teach how to construct your own sentences.

5- Eliminate or reduce your bad Arabic accent so Arabic speakers can understand you easily

6- Know the road map that helps you speak Arabic fast:

I am giving you tips to learn Arabic fast and speak it correctly and confidently.

7- Learn Arabic Grammar and Arabic conjugation

8- Understand different Arabic accents:

This Arabic course will teach you how Arabic speakers pronounce words and phrases depending on their region.


This online Arabic course helps you learn Arabic and remember it fast because it uses:

  • spiral learning method meaning that you will learn Arabic vocabulary, sentence construction in the Arabic language, Arabic grammar and Arabic conjugation by mastering one topic at a time.

Some Arabic courses teach you an Arabic word here and an Arabic phrase there which leaves you confused on how and when to use them.

In this Arabic course you will learn everything you need to talk about a certain topic.

  • Colors: Color coding helps you learn Arabic easily, and remember the information you have learned in this online Arabic course, especially if you are a visual learner. Our brains retain information when it is written in different colors, especially in bright colors.
  •  Repetition of Arabic words, Arabic phrases, and Arabic rules to help you learn and retain Arabic pronunciation, Arabic vocabulary and Arabic rules, especially if you are an auditory learner. An auditory learner is someone who learns by listening.


    The biggest mistakes students make when they start learning Arabic are:

  • Not learning the tips and ways that help them pronounce Arabic correctly from the start
  • Not knowing that there are many versions of Arabic and that they should choose one version of Arabic depending on their needs and goals

It is usually not the student’s fault to spend years and years learning Arabic and not be understood by Arabic speakers.

Most Arabic teachers throw Arabic words and sentences at you without explaining the techniques to pronounce these Arabic words correctly.

Most teachers don’t know all these techniques because they are not linguists.

Many students come to me to take classes in order to reduce or eliminate their heavy accent after spending years learning Arabic.

They feel frustrated because Arabic speakers do not understand them.

During my 20+ years of experience teaching Arabic, translating and working as a full time Arabic linguist, I created and developed a set of techniques and tips that made my students learn Arabic fluently and without having a heavy accent. Therefore Arabic speakers understand them easily.

This comprehensive Arabic course will teach you everything so you can avoid these mistakes.

It is the foundation to achieve success in learning Arabic.

Those who sign up for the course will receive a discount on 1-on-1 Arabic lessons. Contact me for details.




  1. My passion is teaching Arabic
  2. I have been teaching Arabic for 20+ years
  3. have taught thousands of students to speak Arabic with Arabic speakers from around the world.

    I know what works and what doesn’t.

    These students always say:

    “I wish I found you earlier”

  4. I am a certified teacher
  5. I am a native speaker of Arabic
  6. master all Arabic dialects
  7. I master Modern Standard Arabic
  8. My private students are always satisfied:

    Please check the sample videos and recommendation letters written by my students to see what they say about me as an Arabic teacher!



We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the course, you are welcome to get a full refund in the first 30 days. My goal is for my Udemy students to be as satisfied as the thousands of students I have taught in the past.


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