Android App UI Design with Adobe Photoshop & Material Design

Android App UI Design with Adobe Photoshop & Material Design, Learn how to design awesome Android App UI using Photoshop while following Google Material Design Guidelines.

Designing sleek Android Apps using Google Material Design system is no joke. You need to know all the sizes, spacing and metrics for Designing seamless Android App User Interfaces. Also your Designed Android App User interfaces must be easily translated into coded Android Apps

So this course will uncover the mysteries of Designing Android Apps using Material Design in Adobe Photoshop. You will learn

  • How to convert DPs and SP Material Design units to Pixels (PX)
  • Which template size to start with?
  • What are Density Buckets and how do we design for all the different Android Phone Resolutions?
  • How to theme your App using Google Material Colors?
  • Understand all the Specs and Sizes and Typographic Grids of Material Design
  • What’s new and possible with Material Design 2.0?
  • Design a real world actual App using Photoshop art boards
  • Extract all your assets using Photoshop
  • Hand-off your Android Designs to your Developers using Zeplin
  • What are 9-patch PNG assets and how to generate them?
  • Generate Coded Style Guides for your Android Developers
  • Design 6 Android App Screens UI of a Medical App using Photoshop

So you will deep dive into Google Material Design using Adobe Photoshop and Handoff your designs using Zeplin to give your Developer coded Style Guides

So lets start learning together

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