ADHD Mums! Focus Your Morning & Evenings For Your ADHD Child

ADHD Mums! Focus Your Morning & Evenings For Your ADHD Child, Stop Struggling and Start Celebrating, From a Certified ADHD coach who Has ADHD and is Mum of 5 ADHD Children.

If you are a mum of an ADHD child, you must have realised by now that the traditional parenting methods don’t work at best, or backfire at worst.

If  you have an ADHD child, normal, regular household rules are almost impossible to create and maintain. Your success at parenting your ADHD child will largely depend on the severity of your ADHD child’s symptoms, whether they have a comorbid condition, and  most importantly how well you are managing your ADHD.

The two most stressful times of your day, are the morning and evening rush. For you and your ADHD child, they are a nightmare.

It can be so frustrating to manage your ADHD child.  You and your child need specialist tools that will be easy to implement and maintain.

You will need to change the environment for your ADHD child, and adapt the way that you interact with your ADHD child. You will need to manage your expectations of what your ADHD child can and can not do.

As your ADHD child’s mum, you have far more power than you could ever imagine. Yes, sending your ADHD child to therapy to help them manage different aspects of their ADHD has its place. However  as your ADHD child’s mother  and primary caregiver you have far more power and influence than you realise.  You can change your ADHD child’s behaviour in ways that you could never imagine.

With simple, easy to implement methods you can transform yourself and your ADHD child.

How do I know this? I have successfully turned my life around, and the lives of my 5 ADHD children. I have helped hundreds of clients to turn their lives around and help their ADHD children.

In this course I will share with you some of my most successful and easy ADHD techniques that will make a massive difference in YOUR life, and in the life of your ADHD child.

The proven, easy to implement  methods in this course will go a long way to restore harmony and peace during one of the most difficult times of the day; the morning and evening rush hour.

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