ACT Math Prep – Counting and Probability

ACT Math Prep – Counting and Probability, ACT Math Course to Master counting and Probability.

This Course will help you master Counting and Probability for the ACT exam.

The topics covered are the following:

Permutation and Combination

1.P&C Basics

2. Relationship between P&C

3. Fundamental Principle of counting

4. Permutation in Depth

5. Combination in Depth

6. Grouping Trick ( See videos)

7. Dearrangement n items


30. Probability Basics

31. Complement of an Event

32. Exhaustive Events

33. Mutually Exclusive Events

34. Independent Events

35. Conditional Probability

36. R successes in N Trials

37. Odds in favour / Odds against

38. Practise probability Qs


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