1Y0-301 Citrix Xen Desktop 7.6 Deployment Solutions Exam

1Y0-301 Citrix Xen Desktop 7.6 Deployment Solutions Exam, Attend this 1Y0-301 Citrix Xen Desktop 7.6 Deployment Solutions Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions

Q) Scenario: Citrix engineer must enable control of Active Directory account password of the machine in XenDesktop environments that use Provisioning services. Target devices belong to the same Active Directory domain and assigned Vdisk mode as standard. What are the three active directory permissions to enable management of Active Directory account password of the machine in this environment? (Choose three.)

a) Step

b) Restore

c) Delete

d) Create

Q) Citrix engineer can use __________ to enable high availability database XenDesktop site. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

a) SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2, the cluster

b) SQL Server 2012 Express SP1

c) Replicating the SQL Server 2012 SP1

d) SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 with reflection

e) None

Q) Citrix engineer must configure the service account for the connection between the delivery controller and the Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager. What are the two permissions are needed to account has the right to provide virtual desktops to shared storage? (Choose two.)

a) Local administrator on each Hyper-V host

b) Virtual Machine Manager Administrator

c) Local administrator on the delivery controller

d) Administrator fabric on the Virtual Machine Manager

Q)  Scenario: After using the trial license for the study of XenDesktop, Citrix install engineer existing Enterprise Citrix License Server licenses. Design engineer confirms that license correctly displays the license bracket. A few weeks later, the users in the environment say they receive an error message when entering the machine Desktop OS with an indication of the trial license expires soon. What do you need an engineer to do to fix this problem?

a)Select the correct product release in the Citrix Studio.

b) Remove the trial license and restart the licensing service.

c) Redistribution license to produce with the FQDN of the license server.

d) Replace the production license from the license server and restart the license service.

e) None

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