Virtual presentations – 10 tips to spice them up!

Virtual presentations – 10 tips to spice them up!, Prepare, set focus and keep people engaged – including detailed explanations on how to use the ideas in Teams and Zoom.

Have you been dozing off in front of your screen while trying to listen to virtual presentations? Are you also counting up all the time and money bad presentations actually waste? Are you starting to dread zoom meetings?

Don’t let your virtual presentations be boring and ineffective. I’ll show you what it takes to get people interested and engaged and – even more importantly – to keep people engaged so that you can get your points across and make your presentations and meetings worthwhile. I’ll help you to make the webcam your friend – it’s not that difficult and you can definitely do it.

Topics are:

1. Preparation and focus:

– How to prepare yourself for your virtual meeting: getting ready physically and technically

– How to prepare your audience: getting people in the mood to listen to you

2. Equipment

– the before and after effect

– suggestions on technical equipment: light, video and sound, background – or how to make a big difference with small changes

3. Engagement

– the 10 tips on how to keep your audience engaged: learn not only what to do but also how to do it

– including step by step explanations of the features you need in Zoom and Teams (i.e. presenter view with just one screen, breakout rooms…)

After the course you will know how to host engaging and effective virtual meetings that will stand out from the crowd.

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