VCP-550 VMware Certified Professional vSphere Practice Exam

VCP-550 VMware Certified Professional vSphere Practice Exam, Attend this VCP-550 VMware Certified Professional vSphere Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions:

An administrator lowers the CPU share value for two virtual machines in a DRS cluster from 1000 to 100 shares. The DRS cluster contains more resources on both virtual machines can consume. The characteristics of virtual machines are listed below: The second virtual machine is one of the first virtual machine clone.  Both virtual machines are identical in every way. Both virtual machines are not connected to the IP network. Both virtual machines are turned on. What is the performance impact of virtual machines will be respected?

The virtual machines will have equal performance in all conditions.

The performance of virtual machines will reduce by a factor of ten once the value of the shares is regulated.

The virtual machines will have equal performance under normal conditions and reduced performance when contention occurs.

The original virtual machine will have a better performance compared to clone when contention occurs.


A vSphere administrator needs to add more space to a virtual 3-existing node SAN cluster. Attempts to add the new host to the cluster as an active member failed. However, it can be added as a member does not contribute. The host was previously used in a single host configuration. The director recently updated the host ESXi 5.1 to 5.5 before adding it to the cluster. What is the reason for this failure?

The SSD drive only in the new host has been formatted with VMFS datastore

The new host has a 10 Gbps network card, while the rest of the cluster members have 1Gbps network cards

The RAID controller in the new host does not have enough cache to the Virtual SAN datastore.

VMFS datastore of the new host does not have sufficient capacity to be added as an active member.


What is not a supported method to increase the availability of a virtual machine vCenter Server?

vSphere High Availability

VSphere Fault Tolerance

vCenter Server Heartbeat

Site Recovery Manager


An administrator has deployed vSphere Data Protection and want to configure different backup of virtual machines. When using the vSphere client on a Windows 7 desktop, the administrator notices that there is no icon for vSphere Data Protection in the area of the vSphere client solutions and applications. What is the reason that the administrator is able to access vSphere Data Protection from the vSphere client on your desktop?

The vSphere plug-in Data Protection client is not installed on the desktop administrator

Access vSphere Data Protection requires using the vSphere Web Client.

The plug-in vSphere Data Protection is disabled in the vSphere Client on the administrator’s desktop.

administrator’s desk does not have connectivity to the virtual appliance vSphere Data Protection.


An administrator must remove a data store that is also used for the beating of the heart HA storage. What is the least disruptive method for an administrator to perform this task on a slave HA host?

In the Data store heart beating card, remove the data store normally and confirm a new data store is selected.

In the Data store heart beating tab, specify an alternate data store, then remove the data store normally

Disable HA heartbeat data stores, then remove the data store.

Reduce the number of heartbeat data stores, and remove data stores from the heartbeat.


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