The Ultimate Guide to Investor Pitching (online & physical!)

The Ultimate Guide to Investor Pitching (online & physical!), How to Present your Business Idea to Investors or Clients and Make a Pitch Deck That Sells.

Although there are many brilliant people out there with great ideas, not every business idea goes to become an actual business. Very often, potential businesses don’t become a reality because people are not able to pitch their ideas well to investors or clients.

In this course, you will learn exactly that.

The course is a mixture of easy-to-understand theory, numerous examples and a dose of humor, all in a compact format of a bit more than 1 hour. In it, we will go through the entire process of creating a pitch and a pitch deck that can work both for investors and clients. The materials is applicable both for online and physical pitches.

Through it, you will not only gain the knowledge, but also the confidence needed to show the world your idea and yourself in the absolute best light and get the funding, clients or support you’re striving for.

What you will learn:

What different types of pitches there are and how to adapt to them
What a pitch consists of
What to put into a pitch and what to leave out
How to structure your pitch
How to create catchy openings and calls to actions
How to create a professional pitch deck
How to give professional pitches in video calls
How to present with charisma and master people’s attention
How to make it easier for your audience to reach out to you
How to master Q&A sessions

As always, if you buy the course and then realize you don’t really like it, you still have 30 days to get your money back!

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