PMP® Exam Preparation 2021 – Aligns to the New Version

PMP® Exam Preparation 2021 – Aligns to the New Version, PMP® Exam Full Preparation – Latest Questions and Explanation (Aligns to the new PMP 2021 Exam Content Outline).

Be ready for your PMP® Exam by using the best PMP Exam Preparation course on the market.

The most important PMP exam prep activity is to answer as many questions as you possibly can.

To help you, we have developed this new courseThe course Question style and difficulty match closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam.

This course will help you refresh your project management knowledge and includes new content on agile and hybrid approaches.

The 500+ questions come from The PMI Exam Simulator and they are all based on the most recent PMP Exam. Based on the PMBOK® Guide Exam 6th Edition, for the 2021 PMP Exam and Aligns to the New PMP Version of 2 January 2021 !

Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

As of March 2020, there are 1033,025 active PMP certified individuals and 300 chartered chapters across 215 countries and territories worldwide.

What’s new in the PMP 2021 exam:

The new PMP exam is based on 3 domains and its percentage share is shown in the table below:

Domain I. People 42%

Domain II. Process 50%

Domain III. Business Environment 8%

Both the domains of the current and the new PMP exam will have some predefined tasks, whereas a new term ‘enablers’ is added to the new PMP exam. Let’s see what the domains, tasks, and enablers mean:

  • Domain- High-level knowledge area that is essential for project management practice
  • Tasks- Project manager responsibilities in all the domain areas
  • Enablers- Clear examples of the work that is relevant to the task.

Finally, there are noticeable differences between this updated PMP Examination Content Outline and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition. While there are some commonalities, it is important to note that the volunteer taskforce involved in the study described previously were not bound by the PMBOK® Guide. The taskforce members were charged with outlining critical job tasks of individuals who lead and direct projects based on their experience and pertinent resources.

This New Preparation course aligns to the new PMP 2021 Exam Content Outline

What are the Consequences of the 2021 PMP Exam Change?

Consequence 1: The New PMP Exam is BIGGER

Our analysis of the changes shows that about 70% of the old exam is now contained within Domain II: Process, and that the other two domains – People and Business Environment – contain largely new content.

Consequence 2: Agile is a MUST

Half of the questions on the new exam will be about agile and hybrid approaches. Therefore you must have both knowledge and experience of what it’s like to work in these environments.

Consequence 3: The new PMP Exam will be HARDER

With so many new topics and methods that have been added to the exam and that you have to know about, it’s no surprise that passing the exam will be harder.

Consequence 4: 35 Contact Hours are the MINIMUM

PMI requires that you “Verify at least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management”. However, now that the exam contains about twice as much content you should expect that an in-depth exam prep course will be significantly longer.

FAQs on PMP Exam Change

Why is there a change in the PMP exam?

PMI conducts research every 3 to 5 years to understand the impact of the latest trends on the project management profession, its advancements, and the change in the project manager’s responsibilities. The recent research is conducted in 2019 which prompted the “New PMP Exam Content Outline”.

Is the PMBOK® guide also changing?

No, the 6th edition of the PMBOK® guide remains the same for the new PMP exam changes. One has to refer to the same for the PMP exam preparation regardless of taking the exam before 31st December 2020 or after.

Will the new PMP exam be harder to clear?

In general, the PMP exam is difficult and certainly, the new PMP exam will be harder to clear because of the new topics and the methods added.


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