Pitstop Accounting, Quick and concise for busy people!

Hi there and welcome to Pitstop Accounting- a basic introduction to the world of Accounting.

The objective of this course is to introduce accounting that is both simple to follow and easy to replicate to your own personal accounting requirements.

The emphasis is on simple entry-level concepts and examples that will become your basic pillar of knowledge in accounting.

Essentially the course aims to provide you with the very basics of accounting in a no-nonsense, jargon-free way which the non-accountant “average Joe” can understand.

It goes without saying that there is an assumption of no prior knowledge of accounting. This course is short and ideal for the busy person.

This course will be useful to current business owners, students at college, people considering whether they might be interested in Accounting or for anyone who wants to get a ‘basics’ understanding that will be practical for their own specific needs. Everyone is welcome.

I am a qualified accountant and want to share my experience in a cost-effective and time conscious manner. After many years as an Accounting student I believe that I am well placed to offer an effective introduction to the subject.

I believe that a working knowledge of the topic is important to everyone. Remember that accounting is the language of business!

Thanks and see you on the course.

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