Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions, How To Target And Attract High-Quality Recruits.

About The Course

This course covers the foundational elements of crafting high-quality job descriptions. We’ll review the essential components of a job description and give you specific insights on how to write and revise them. You’ll learn everything you need to include in your job description – as well as what not to include!

We’ve also covered how to make your job posts more marketable, how to appeal to different audiences, how to use your job descriptions in the onboarding and performance review processes, and who should be involved in crafting your descriptions. You’ll walk away from this course with the tools necessary for writing clear, concise and engaging job descriptions, increasing your confidence as a result.

Who Is This Course For?

This course can benefit people at all levels and in all roles, but is particularly suited to:

  • This course can benefit people at all levels and in all roles, but is particularly suited to:
  • Department managers seeking the ideal candidate for a particular role or expanding their teams by creating new positions
  • Hiring managers responsible for writing job descriptions that accurately convey the functions of a role
  • Recruiters responsible for posting marketable job ads and weeding through candidates
  • Human Resources personnel concerned with the efficiency and costs associated with the hiring process
  • Legal team members responsible for reviewing an organisation’s job descriptions

What Will You Learn?

In this course we’re going to cover the ins and outs of effective job descriptions, including:

  • The many purposes a job description fulfils at an organisation
  • How to write a job description using the appropriate verbiage
  • Who to pull into the writing and revising process
  • How to structure a job description and what type of content to include
  • What to avoid in your job descriptions from both legal and ethical standpoints
  • Where to publish job ads and how to make them more appealing
  • How to use a job description after the hire is made and for years to come

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