Introduction to Modern OpenGL: A tale of two shaders

Introduction to Modern OpenGL: A tale of two shaders, Learn to code modern OpenGL while understanding the concept and theory behind it all step by step.

This course will help you build your own 3D screen with geometric shapes and learning how texture and lighting works on objects with OpenGL. Understand the theory behind shaders and learn how to write GLSL shader code. Learn different components like SDL, GLM & VAO. Learn how extensions work in OpenGL and use GLAD to allow modern OpenGL to be used.

Students will learn about the different projections, namely 2D and 3D and will have the ability to start moving about in a 3D environment. Understand different transformations, projections and views. Students will also learn about GLM and link the library to their project.

Course will go over shaders and how the graphics pipeline works to render images on screen. Understand usage of vertex attributes and uniforms and how data is passed to the shaders using these. Students will learn about ambient, diffuse and specular lighting and how they work in theory. Learn to code and set up lighting for your scene. Add texture to your objects and learn about texture mapping.

By the end of this course, you should be able to code your textures, setup lighting for your 3D scene and move objects in a 3D environment and have a sounds grasp regarding the internals of OpenGL.

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