Introduction to Accounting in 2 Hours practical Explanation

Introduction to Accounting in 2 Hours practical Explanation, Learn basic accounting in easy language earn High income.

I have Included allot of the practice material in this course to make sure that you will get the concept right and make you perfect through practice, this is the basic course for beginners who don’t have any knowledge of accounting and finance or merely a very little knowledge about it you can develop this understanding of the Accounting by using the course.

Do you want to get Ahead of your Business?

Accounting is the Language of the business which can help you to Accelerate your business by understanding your business profits and how to record the financial transactions you will be able to track the performance of your business and also can attract as many investors as you want for your business.

You will learn about the Accounting Basics what are the Debits and Credits and what are they mean and also the Basic Terms of Accounting which are explained in the Course.

Get to know the Amazing Field and the infinite Opportunities waiting for you in the Accounting Field and whats right for you.

What we will cover in the Course:

  1. Basic terminology of accounting Concepts
  2. How Accounting works
  3. What is Accounting Equation
  4. What is the Balance Sheet and Income Statements
  5. What are Bank Statements and how you can understand One?
  6. Different Business Documentations which can Help you?
  7. How Trial Balance is Made?
  8. What is Ledger
  9. Bank Reconciliation and Much More.
  10. Types of Businesses

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