How do Scrum Events work in practice?

How do Scrum Events work in practice?, Why Scrum Events, how Scrum Events work, which Scrum Events are timeboxed, and what is the purpose of the Scrum Events?

Welcome to the How do Scrum Events Work in practice Course. Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Understand how Sprint Planning is done,
  • Understand the Agile practice of Daily Scrum,
  • Explain Sprint Review Meetings and what is part of Sprint Review Meetings,
  • Explain the concept of user studies and how they can subjectively and objectively provide feedback,
  • Define retrospectives and exercises used in retrospectives,
  • Apply retrospectives at the end of a sprint to improve the overall product or future products.

How am I going to run this course?

The instructional methods used to create this course will guide student’s transformation of words and pictures effectively through the working memory, so that information and learning are incorporated into existing knowledge in long-term memory.

By the end of the course…

… you will have gained a set of techniques and exercises to help you conduct effective Scrum events. This course will focus on what happens once development has begun, to keep things Agile and on target.

All this knowledge can be used to identify what needs to improve in product implementation and what needs to be adjusted for the product to achieve its desired quality.

Also, all this information can be used to coordinate the team and the work the team produces. It can also be used to identify work that needs improvement to become more efficient and less wasteful.

There are many other methods and they all perform well with Scrum as well as with other frameworks, methodologies, or in real life. But in this course, you will see how I conduct Scrum events.

Course content:

  1. Course introduction
  2. Introduction to Scrum Events
  3. How Sprint Planning is Done?
  4. Why Should You Run A Sprint Planning Meeting?
  5. How Sprint Planning is Done?
  6. How to run a Daily Scrum meeting?
  7. The Daily Scrum Challenges
  8. How to run a successful Sprint Review Meeting
  9. Introduction to Sprint Review Techniques
  10. How to implement the SOFTWARE WALKTHROUGHS Technique?
  11. How to implement the SOFTWARE TECHNICAL REVIEW Technique?
  12. How to implement the SOFTWARE INSPECTIONS Technique?
  13. The requirements technical review and requirements inspection technique
  14. Introduction to Retrospectives
  15. Create a Safe Environment as a common Retrospectives Issue
  16. Positive Leadership is a common Retrospectives Issue
  17. Desirable properties of retrospectives
  18. How to carry out a successful Sprint Retrospective?
  19. Introduction to Retrospective Exercises
  20. Retrospective Exercises – Readying course exercises
  21. Retrospective Exercises – The Main course exercises
  22. Retrospective Exercises – Future course exercises
  23. Tips and Tricks to run better Scrum events – PART 1
  24. Tips and Tricks to run better Scrum events – PART 2
  25. Tips and Tricks to run better Scrum events – PART 3
  26. Final words

Are you ready? Let’s dive in RIGHT NOW!!!

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