BCABA Board Certify Assistant Behavior Analyst Practice Exam

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BCABA Board Certify Assistant Behavior Analyst Practice Exam, Attend this BCABA Board Certify Assistant Behavior Analyst Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam.

Sample Questions

Q) When presenting extinction as a possible treatment option to a client and his or her family,it is MOST important for a behavior analyst to

a) assure them that extinction is supported in the literature as an effective procedure.

b) present it along with other interventions, including reinforcement based alternatives.

c) discuss the risks and benefits of using extinction and assure them that it is the best option.

d) explain his or her experience using extinction with similar cases.


Q) A behavior analyst is asked to provide direct services requiring daily 1:1 interaction with a teen-aged client. The client does not speak but can communicate fluently using sign  language. The behavior analyst knows some sign language but is not fluent. TheBEST approach to this situation would be to

a) explain his level of competence in sign language to the family before beginning service.

b) hire a sign language interpreter to attend the sessions.

c) attend a workshop in sign language prior to beginning service.

d) refer the family to a behavior analyst fluent in sign language.


Q) Fara has identified two procedures that have an equal probability of being effective. In order to select the better procedure, she should

a) choose the procedure that falls within the staff’s level of competence.

b) determine which procedure is most clinically popular based on the rate of use by professionals.

c) select the procedure that best utilizes the existing funding stream.

d) use a random number table to rule out bias.


Q) Which of the following would BEST contribute to a behavior analysts professionaldevelopment?

a) attending a workshop that provides videotaped examples and practice activities for innovative interventions

b) reading articles from a peer-reviewed applied behavior analysis journal that describe techniques that are applicable to her client population

c) becoming a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, which is a rich resource for behavior analysts

d) contributing an article to the newsletter of the local Association for Behavior Analysis chapter


Q) Before recruitment of participants for a research study begins, a behavior analyst needs to:

a) obtain consent from participant(s) or legal guardian(s) if necessary.

b) obtain institutional review board approval or equivalent (e.g., an ethics committee).

c) inform participants of their ability to withdraw from the study.

d) inform participants about ethical requirements and experimental procedures.

BCABA Board Certify Assistant Behavior Analyst Practice Exam
BCABA Board Certify Assistant Behavior Analyst Practice Exam
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